Senior Health Program

The Senior Health Program addresses the health issues of importance to senior citizens and recent immigrants of Southeast Asian descent. The program also attends to the cultural and religious taboos concerning the donation of blood, elaborating on the benefits and need for donating to local blood banks. It addresses the importance and benefits of regular exercise and facilitates discussions about nutrition with senior and elderly Southeast Asian immigrants.

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Our Programs

Food Program

Lao Khmu Association, Inc. sponsors a Food Program through which fresh, processed, and canned foodstuffs are made available to low-income residents in the greater Stockton area.

Refugee Employment Assistance

This program has been designed so that we are able to recruit only the most motivated participants. These are not people being forced to work because of welfare reform.

Utility Service Assistance

Programs intended to assist Southeast Asian and low-income residents of San Joaquin County to resolve disputes with utility service providers and reduce the cost of services

Youth and Family

The Youth and Family (YAF) Program is a workshop using "Streetwise to Sex Wise" curriculum for male and female participants between the ages of 12 and 19 years.