Food Program

Lao Khmu Association, Inc. sponsors a Food Program through which fresh, processed, and canned foodstuffs are made available to low-income residents in the greater Stockton area. With the assistance of six staff members and two volunteers, food products are distributed to 50 to 60 families twice per month.

The various food items are obtained from the HSA Commodity Warehouse, Stockton Food Bank, and private donors. They typically include meats (e.g., fish, chicken, pork, salami, and hot dogs), dairy (e.g., milk, cheese, and butter), vegetables (e.g., corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, and salad mixes), fruits (e.g., apples, pears, peaches, grapes, plums, pineapple, cantaloupes, melons, and fruit cups), starches (e.g., breads, pastas, raviolis, ready-to-bake dough, cookies, and pie crusts), soups, dressings, and healthy drinks.

The Food Program also engages in a variety of annual events. For example, the program participates each year in the San Joaquin County Health Fair.

Our Programs

Community Outreach

Assists members of the Southeast Asian (SEA) community of San Joaquin County to overcome their social and economic problems.

Family Self-Sufficiency

Assist local Hmong refugees in overcoming various social and mental health problems that hinder their ability to become independent and self-sufficient citizens of their local communities.

Refugee Employment Assistance

This program has been designed so that we are able to recruit only the most motivated participants. These are not people being forced to work because of welfare reform.

Senior Health

The Senior Health Program addresses the health issues of importance to senior citizens and recent immigrants of Southeast Asian descent.